When it all began

Hello Fellow Tree Huggers,

I'd like to introduce myself and open my home to you. My name is Summre (pronounced like season) and I'd like to share my sustainability blog with you. I welcome helpful advice and positive posts, we are here to guide each others into a happier and healthier existence.

For years I had attempted to treat the earth a little better, often procrastinating or making one excuse or another. Then I met someone, a whole family to be exact who lived to this ideal. My eyes quickly opened, at first I was a little overwhelmed and yet completely astonished by the system in they had in place. Over the years I was privileged enough to observe and slowly incorporate the lessons I've learned into my own home.

Many times it occurred to me that I would love to share my findings and sustainability tips with the masses. Being a single mom can prove to be a bit of work, sustainability after all works best in numbers. However, this is no reason to throw in the towel. Work with friends and family to collaborate on larger projects and remember one step at a time. Sustainability begins with one tiny step, then another and another. Next thing you know you're investing in a composter and ripping out your lawn to plant a garden. Life has a way of moving forward in a positive direction if you just put a little bit of effort into.


  1. I met Summre a couple of years ago when I was open to living a more sustainable lifestyle, however, I really didn’t know where to start. It was overwhelming. But honestly, the changes I have made in my life are not inconvenient or difficult at all. Which I think that is the initial perception of “going green”, that it is expensive or too difficult to maintain. It starts with one small change at a time and it’s easier to make these changes when you have good friends to support you along the way. I hope these posts can be informative and can act as that support system. I started composting and gardening only 2 seasons ago and we harvest a lot of food within in a very small space ( 5’ x 20’ raised garden and some containers). I even started canning my own salsa and tomato sauce because the garden produces way more food than we can eat in a season! If anyone is looking for tips on how to grow in a very small yard or even container gardening you may want to check out “Urban Farm” magazine. That has helped me tremendously with growing tips, recipes, and canning techniques. I know there is a lot more to sustainable living than that, but I almost always end up talking about food. Look forward to seeing everyone’s comments!

  2. Julie, thank you for the post, glad you're on board! If you can please post pics of your garden. I'd like to do a post on Urban gardening. Thanks.